5 label

a label designer using SBPL and ZPL printer language (ZEBRA, SATO, ...)
a powerful label server to generate labels based on templates and label data
a label preview service to convert labels into pdf, png, ...

New in Version 1.3:   Local PrintServer for print and preview in batch: PrintServer Video

New in Version 1.4:   5label production mode: Select template and fill in variables.

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Learn and use the SBPL and ZPL printer language.

Start the online designer in the browser - use the templates - include any kind of bar and 2D code - upload images

Read the 5label How To document!

Design your first label!


What We Offer

Label Designer

Start the web based label designer in the browser.

The ZPL or SBPL code will be generated and can be edited directly.

The preview window shows how the output of the printer will look like.

Right click in the preview window opens dialogs to select fonts and bar codes or to draw lines, circles and rectangles.

Import your images, resize and change the saturation to get best quality to print out.

Print directly when installed locally or at an On-Premise server.

Upload label data to be merged into variables defined in the label code.

Store your labels in the label database.

Label server in the cloud or on premise

The software can be installed on windows or linux Java application server.

Includes the label designer.

Special production web app to load and fill in label templates.

If it is in your network, printouts can be done directly.

Use web services to get a preview of your ZPL / SBPL code.

And use web services to enrich your label templates with data and to print out.

Local PrintServer

Fill templates, print and preview at a local system.

High performance batch processing based on your templates and data in csv or xml.

Database connection as a service.

Java library to preview ZPL or SBPL labels

Using this java library you may get a preview of the label as an image.

Or merge data with a template and print out to the given printer.

Because it is java written code, you may use the library on windows and linux systems.


For questions or an offer please send us an email.

If your code does not look at expected please send us an example with the code and the printer you use.

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